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Goodbye Ancient World, Say Hello to The New Digital World and Risks

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

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As a Cyber Security Company, we believe that our blogs should be orientated around education on risks and threats that your business is facing and how we together we can secure your business.

It was only in the recent pas that the only cyber defences we needed were a Password, Firewall, anti-spam and antivirus. If that was still the case, you wouldn’t be ready this blog and we would exist as a company.

Due to the rapid pace of development the scale, complexity and damage caused by cyber-attacks have continued to increase. This is also fuelled by our high dependency on technology and will only increase.

But what threats are out in the digital wilderness and how much damage can they cause?

The Cyber Threat Landscape – What Lurks Behind Your Router?

Cyber threats come in many forms. The trinity of Evil, being Phishing attacks, Malware and Ransomware attacks (for example the NHS ransomware attack caused by WannaCry malware). These are all very real threats and unfortunately incredibly common.

In fact, a hacker attacks every 39 seconds, 43% of which are targeted at SME businesses. It’s fair to say the odds may not be in your favour… but what do these attacks do.

With a Phishing attack, criminals send fraudulent emails prompting you to click on a link that delivers company destroying malware or creates a gateway to harvest further information. Recent studies indicate that a hacker in a company network hides there for 180 days before anything happens, watching communications and transactions, gathering information to sell or use later.

Malware/Ransomware attacks are different and designed to block access to computers, data and systems in a business until a sum of money is paid. Anyone of these attacks can put a business on the ropes, or at the mercy of a hacker with bad intent. Below are a few straightforward tips that can help you start to combat these threats at a basic level.

State Sponsored attacks are also becoming the new norm. Governments are constantly attacking each other through Cyber-attacks, and they are aimed at everyone. What better way to try and damage and economy by attacking a or taking out a few big businesses?

You don’t want to end up in the crossfire between nations. This threat is only going to become more common so it would make sense for businesses to be aware of these threats and put in adequate provision.

With the explosion and consumerisation of IT, more and more devices are being connected to the internet. This is especially true in the workplace, tablets, phones, smart speakers and even security cameras. All these devices could be a risk for an attack. Internet of Things (IOT) attacks are becoming more and more prevalent. This now means defences for mobile devices and endpoints as Desktops are no longer the only things we need to worry about.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning will even come into play in order to target your business. Botnet attacks using AI could take down your business. AI /machine learning has come very far in the last year and has become very popular so it is no surprise that it would be used by the bad guys. Taking advantage of new technology to adapt and make new threats capable of taking down your business with ease. Technology has also been used to fool banking voice recognition software, life isn’t getting any easier.

These are a mere scratch at the surface of the types of threats we all face and if you’re a victim it can be costly and difficult to recover. This isn’t just an internal, get back on your feet challenge but the associated compliance and legal issues from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and other bodies.

Many businesses have not put adequate planning, time, resource and investment into protecting data and systems and Cerberus is here to help remove the worry and demonstrate that you take Cyber and data security seriously.

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