Why we Created a Comprehensive IT Security Package 

The ancient world was filled with Gods, Men and Monsters and none were fiercer than Cerberus who guarded the gates to the underworld. With his three heads and serpents’ tail and snakes protruding from his body, he prevented the dead leaving Hades realm and stopped living souls from entering. It was for this reason that we decided that Cerberus was a fitting name for our Security Services. ​

We reviewed and tested the industry’s leading vendors and products and merged these into a single package. This simplifies and removes the need for businesses to manage multiple vendors and the stress over selecting and testing the best options. With Cerberus, we manage and deliver you an industry leading cyber security services that ticks the recommended boxes needed to combat cyber threats and reduce exposure to risk.   ​

It’s not for everyone, but if you take security seriously and value data protection then you need to be investing in appropriate cyber services. It’s also the same if you work in regulated industries such as Healthcare, Legal, Financial and Utilities, breaching data or having a ransomware attack can have catastrophic results.  ​

Our experience in the technology channel also meant we understood what business needed now and in the future and embedded key elements like password and document management. We also include Cyber Awareness Training meaning you can create a human firewall for your business and mitigate an array of attacks simply by having your staff armed and aware of what potential threats look like and how they are executed. ​

We also have a range of additional options to choose from that dovetail into your exact business needs. These include an Office 365 module and compliance options and as an IASME awarding body can deliver Cyber Essentials certification for your organisation. All of this also helps with the data laws, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)  wants companies to implement data privacy by design and being able to show the levels of effort and steps taken by using Cerberus makes a huge statement about how seriously you take this.​

We have created a group of services that combines intrusion prevention by not letting those with malicious intent into your domain and prevent malicious activity and data to flow out of your business, just like Cerberus.  ​


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