Cerberus helps to remove up to 95% of cyber threats with compliance monitoring, threat detection, defence and response.

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Cerberus provides outsourced cyber security and threat management to help your organisation stay safe and secure.

We have the resources in our security operations centre (SOC) to power all of it. With Cerberus we can deliver Endpoint Security, monitoring your business environments, detecting malicious threats and quickly re-mediating every attack, all while reducing risk to your business.


Cerberus provides all that with a 24/7 global SOC service. Cerberus delivers coverage from ransomware attacks to the latest cryptomining infiltration, advanced endpoint threat management coupled with SOC monitoring and remediation services stop active threats and minimise harm.

It does this by combining different services into a single security solution which not only protects networks and devices but arms your company with additional tools such as policy management to help compliance and staff cyber awareness training to help empower and educate staff to spot and repel social engineering attacks and phishing.

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“We knew we needed to bolster security and spent a lot of time investigating lots of separate solutions. Cerberus made life easy as it delivered the elements we were looking for in one place. Getting going was great and the team were very helpful in ensuring we knew what was needed. Would recommend this to anyone looking to sleep better and take the fuss out of managing security”

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How Cerberus Helps Your Business 

Threat Detection

Cerberus rapidly recognises many thousands of virus and malware attack variants including cryptomining attacks as well as the root causes of these malicious behaviours by quickly identifying and diagnosing corrupt source processes and system settings.

Response and Remediation

When malicious behaviour is detected, Cerberus will quickly rollback files to previous safe versions through tracking changes in the devices and restoring it to an acceptable risk state. 

Next-Generation Endpoint Security   

Cerberus provides unique malware detection and remediation technology. This solution incorporates innovative prevention technology, providing visibility into the root causes and origins of the threat, reversing the malicious operations of ransomware and re-mediating them at an agile speed, when needed.

Monitoring and analysis  

Monitor key log files to identify and correlate events that could be malicious, while providing additional security and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Customised security profiles 

Reduce the data noise and focus on what really matters to identify technical gaps in your environment, helping you to act on what’s needed to prevent an attack.

Risk scoring and alert thresholds 

The risk score helps you identify protection gaps and how they impact the device’s vulnerability to threats you’re trying to protect against. Reports articulate acceptable risk on a per-device basis, and alerts are generated when a risk score exceeds its threshold, eliminating much of the clutter and white noise found in other solutions. 

Advanced Reporting for Compliance 

Guidance through regulation technical requirements, exposing security configuration gaps against policies and providing solutions to address each issue.  

Train Your Staff to be Your Defence 

Access the worlds largest library of security awareness content and train your staff with fully automated simulated Phishing attacks and automated training campaigns. With full access to results you can identify and focus training efforts where needed and get clarity on your risks. 

Benefit from a Great Choice of Bolt on Options 

Outside of the great security delivered by Cerberus you can also benefit from additional options that help your business. From Certifications like Cyber Essentials, Office 365 Protection through to testing and security consultancy you have a choice. 


Intrusion Prevention 

Stop intrusions into your systems and data 


Network Security 

Layered protection for 

Devices and Network 


End Point Security 

Protect Data with Encryption and Control 


Data Security 

Protect Your Data and have Data Privacy by Design 




Tools to help compliance 

and certifications to help 


vulnerability Monitoring

Inspection and monitoring of your network and traffic to identify threats 


Staff Education & Training 

Create a Human Firewall 

to protect the business 

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Access expertise to 

help guide your business 

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