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Most organisations that take security and compliance seriously tend to have internal IT resource. Whether the bulk of the support is managed by IT teams or Outsourced Support this is critical to ensuring that the network paths and data transit works. 

Most support companies will deliver a basic level of cyber security such as Antivirus and Malware and should ensure that every device in your organisation is updated and patched with the latest security updates. However the landscape has changed significantly, and the security needed just a couple of years ago is redundant now. For many IT teams, having the time, resource and expertise to learn and deliver what is needed for security is too much.

How Cerberus Can Help Your IT Teams
  • Provides an Advanced Security Layer.

  • Additional Protection to Mitigate Risks.

  • Reduces the Risk of Downtime and Lost revenue.

  • Reduces Time and Investment needed to Manage Advanced Security.

  • Allows IT to Leverage Security Expertise.

  • Delivers Services Needed Without Prolonged Investigation and procurement.

  • Reduces work of IT teams by protecting systems

  • Easy to Budget - Single Invoice and Opex Investment 

  • Delivers Enhanced Policy and Document Management.

  • Includes Managed Staff Awareness Training.

  • Access to Experts and Consultants to Help Your Business.

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