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Q -  How Does Cerberus Work?

A  -  Cerberus is a blend of best in breed Enterprise security that is configured and set up to security standards. Once we have completed the set up/on-boarding phase we deploy  the Cerberus agent across your network devices and computers.  Once running we will deploy the necessary security measure and coordinate with you any alerts and remedial actions that need to be taken. 


Q -  We already have a firewall and Antivirus and Back Up Data  – Do we really need to have more?


A -  Those are great things to have in place but the threats have changed and these wont afford you the security you need. Threats are very complex and sophisticated now and evolve very quickly.  What works today will probably not be working in two years time, so we need a proactive and reactive approach to security just to maintain the same Levels of security we are used too.

Q -  We’re a small business are we really a target

A  -  In short Yes,  you may not be a single target but caught up in a much larger attack, after all its often just a numbers game for attackers. The email from a Nigeria prince offering money didn’t catch everyone out but it worked with some. The chances of Your business being attacked are high and small businesses have traditionally shied away from investing in adequate security making them easy pickings for those with malicious intent.

Q -  Why would anyone want my data, it’s not worth anything

A -  An all too common misconception, how much would a competitor pay for your client list, pricing plan or sales strategy. Could your usernames and passwords be valuable or be shared with your personal banking accounts? On the Dark Web data of many types are currency and have value. However, in the case of ransomware attacks, the perpetrator isn’t interested in your data just the Value it has to your Business and what you will pay to get it back.

Q -  I already pay for IT support, isn’t this all covered with that.

A -  In short No! It support provides the foundation for your technology and keeps this working and updated, and driving efficiency. It does of course provide elements of security but as we have mentioned previously this now needs a focused level of expertise to address the threats.


Imagine if you will the walls and turrets of the castle are built and maintained by your IT support team this alone however, wont repel an invading force. Add a Moat, Drawbridge, Archers, Hot Tar throwers and battle tacticians and you just may win the battle – This is your Cyber Security Team and often requires additional skills and solutions.

Q -  I don’t think this would affect us  - We could just get on with things after an incident

A  -  Many companies have had the same thought but didn’t factor in many of the hidden side effects of a data breach or security incident. These includes, press coverage and PR, reputation damage, unhappy and lost clients and that’s without the impact of the data loss, lost working, lost revenue, and the chaos of sorting things out. Its important to understand the full picture and reach a decision on the level of risk your business is willing to take. 


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